Peace and Perseverance

We are still in the States and are eagerly awaiting our return to Panama. To be honest, we did not think we would be away for so long, but have been blessed to see friends and family and continue ministry from afar. Panama is slowly easing restrictions and allowing movement. We are super excited for this news as it will allow many to return to work and provide for their families.
We are thankful for modern technology that has allowed us to continue our ministry while we are in the States. We are thankful for our pastors who have been faithful in delivering food and sharing the love of Christ in their communities. We are thankful to our partners here in the States who have given generously to make this hope a reality.

This is a question that we hear often. Panama is now allowing residents to return. Yay! Our hope was to return mid-September, but things look a little different. Since we had such an extended time here, we took advantage of that to have some medical checkups done. There are a few things that showed up that need further examination and clarification. We are thankful for good medical care and want to have all medical issues cleared up before we return. Will you please join us in praying for clear answers and good reports? 
Although this was a bit of a surprise to us, we serve a God that is never surprised. We can rest in knowing He is in control and He is on His throne. Despite all the craziness and uncertainties that we have all seen, we have peace in knowing God’s promises are still the same and will never change. So, let us press on with perseverance trusting in the God who never changes!

Please continue to pray. Pray that we will be able to return home soon.  Pray for a clear bill of health. Pray for provision and protection for our families and partners in Panama. Pray for our pastors as they are serving their congregations and communities. Pray that people will draw near to God and find their hope in Him.