About Us: Our Journey

We are the Johnson family: Matt, Angie, Ian, and Reeves (AKA J4). We are a family on a journey- a journey to serve the Lord in full-time international ministry. We are not the perfect, “super Christian” family (in fact I can hear my kids arguing in the kitchen as I am typing!). However, we are a family following in obedience to the Lord’s call.

Isn’t that what the Lord calls us all to do? To follow Him obediently where He leads. This is something that seems so simple, but yet at times it stretches us all to our limits. But the crazy thing is…. if you stretch something, what happens? It lengthens; it grows. God has used the “stretching” in our family’s life to grow us and bring us to a place of readiness- a readiness to follow Him wherever He leads us.

We are excited to be serving the Lord in Panama. We have had our share of highs and lows… but throughout it all we have seen the Lord show up in big ways. God is good and He is faithful, just as His word assures us. We stand in awe of the Lord we serve and eagerly wait to see where this journey takes us.