Ready, Set, GO

The month of June has given me many reasons to be thankful for my husband- his birthday, our 15th anniversary, and Father’s Day. Anyone who knows Matt knows that he loves big, laughs hard, and lives loud. So what does this have to do with ReachGlobal CAMPS, right?

Matt and I met over 20 years ago as counselors at a summer camp. One thing that drew us together was our passion to love on others and share the love of Christ. I remember the light and joy in Matt’s eyes as he interacted with the kids at camp, and I fell in love with his selflessness and his love for others. Over the past years, though, I have seen bits and pieces of this joy disappear from his eyes.

Last summer, Matt and I were able to spend two weeks in Haiti. I saw a passion and a light reignite in Matt; a passion that I had not seen in years. He was right where he belonged- loving on others and sharing the love of Christ. Whether he was laying tile, installing ceiling fans, or teaching the kids to two step, there was such a warmth and joy that overflowed. I watched as the Haitian people were drawn to Matt- they wanted to know him more, to sit with him, to laugh with him, and to wear his crazy hat!

During those two weeks, God showed us what He created us to do! We are thankful and ready to see how God will use ReachGlobal CAMPS to proclaim the name of Christ. Our hearts are ready to return to the mission field. We are ready to share the gospel. We are ready to see hearts turn to Christ. We are ready!



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