17 Days…

While most people are counting the days until Christmas, we are packing and counting the days until we move to Panama. It is a bit crazy and overwhelming that we will be making another major move in 17 days, but I love how the Lord is continuing to provide along the way…..

  1. We don’t have to weigh bags!! Panama City is about 12 hours from here, so we will be renting a large van to move us. It is more economical than flying and we don’t have to sell more of our things. Yay!
  2. We have already sold our car! This is a huge praise. We posted it for sale and it was sold within 3 days.
  3. We have found a house in Panama. The house is in the same neighborhood as our other team members and will provide our family with a comfortable and safe place to live!

Just as we have praises, we also have some prayer requests…

  1. Houses for rent in Panama, are not quite the same as houses in the states. Currently, there are plumbing fixtures and cabinets (praise!), but we will have to purchase and install all lighting, air, hot water and appliances.
  2. The residency process in Panama will cost around $7,000. Please pray that the Lord will provide these funds.
  3. Transition is always hard. We are overjoyed about the opportunities that await us in Panama, but packing up and saying goodbye is always difficult. Pray especially for the kiddos during this time of transition.

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