This Is Why We Are Here…

We were blessed to be part of this GlobalFingerprints medical clinic. A team of doctors, nurses and more came from Springfield, MO to perform checkups and love on all the GF kids here in Panama. Ian and Reeves jumped in wholeheartedly – they helped with translating, sports, and arts and crafts. When we were driving home after our first day at the clinic, Reeves said, “Mom, I finally understand why we are here!” 

Those words made my heart leap… yes, this is why we are here. We are here to share the love of Christ. We are here to serve. We are here to partner with churches to reach out to those in need. We are so thankful to be here and look forward to all the Lord has in store as we grow in our ministry here.



Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We have seen the Lord answer so many prayers over the past few weeks. Thank you for standing with us. Here are some ways you can continue to pray:

  • Although our Spanish is coming along, we still have a long way to go. Plus, the Spanish in Panama is so much different than Costa Rica! Pray for us to grow in this language.
  • We are building many new relationships. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we navigate these relationships cross culturally.
  • Praise the Lord the house is all done! Pray that we will begin to find healthy rhythms for ministry and family.
  • There are 6 GF kids who have lost their sponsors. These children must be sponsored before we can add new kids to the program. Pray that the Lord will provide new sponsors for these kids.

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