Feliz Navidad…

We are praying that you have a blessed Christmas as you spend time with family and friends. I was reading a devotional this morning from Billy Graham’s God’s Blessings at Christmas and loved this paragraph:
“Those chubby little hands that clasped the straw in His manger crib were soon to open blinded eyes, unstop deaf ears, and still the troubled seas. That cooing voice was soon to be lifted to command demons to depart, to teach men of the Way, and to raise the dead. Those tiny feet were to take Him to the sick and needy and were finally to be pierced on Calvary’s Cross. That manger crib in remote Bethlehem became the link that bound a lost world to a loving God.”
As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I am so grateful that the manger is just the beginning of the story. Joy to the World... may all our hearts prepare Him room!

We can’t be with friends and family back at home… so we are working on building new traditions. Please enjoy the chaos of togetherness, give lots of grace and lots of hugs, and laugh big! Feliz Navidad and mucho amor! 

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