June 2020

Greetings from Panama! June has been quite a month for us. As you know, we have been under a strict quarantine since March 25th. On June 1, the government chose to lift the quarantine. However, the number of cases began to rise that same week and the government reenacted the quarantine on June 5 for Panama City and Panama Oeste, the provinces with the greatest number of coronavirus cases.
Thankfully, we were able to take advantage of that week and deliver a truck load of food to the Embera community. We are so thankful for those of you that have helped feed families. You are a blessing beyond what you can imagine.

Update for our family…..
After much prayer and discussion with our ReachGlobal leadership, we have made the decision to travel back to the States for home assignment. The US Embassy is offering humanitarian flights, and we will fly out today. It is hard to leave Panama right now, but we do feel that this is the best decision for our kids. Over the past 3 months (other that the photos above), we have only been able to work with our ministry partners through internet communication. We will continue working with them and are committed to helping feed and care for vulnerable kids and families during these difficult times.
Please continue to pray for Panama. Pray for provision and protection. Pray for our pastors as they are serving their congregations through food delivery. Pray that people will put their hope in Christ.

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