Finding Joy.

We have been back in Panama for about a month. What a sweet joy it has been! Our schedules have been busy, but we have been so thankful to reconnect with our pastors and share the beauty of Panama with friends.

Three days after we arrived, Jim and Denise Scott came for a visit. Jim is the International Director of the GlobalFingerprints Program. The GF Program has an incredible impact on the lives of vulnerable children here and around the world. We have a strong program up and running in Panama and are now working to empower national leaders and grow the program through the addition of new sites.

We had lots of time to brainstorm and plan for the expansion of the program. We traveled to Panama and visited our current sites, as well as possible new locations. How exciting to see God working in the lives of these children and families.

This month we also had the pleasure of spending time with our friends Bob and Allyson from Moon Church near Pittsburg. We had the incredible opportunity to connect this couple with their GlobalFingerprints sponsored child! What a beautiful experience for them to meet the family and spend some time getting to know Jose better.

We were amazed as the mom shared how they have no water at this time because their home is located near the top of the hill and there is not enough pressure in the line for the water to reach their home. The amazement is that the mom did not share the story with disgust or even in a negative way – she even shared the story with a smile. This mom, Jenny, has found the secret of contentment and choosing joy. Oh, that we may learn to choose joy like Jenny!

We returned to the Emberá village to complete the roof over the water system. I am not sure that Matt has medical clearance to be walking on a tin roof, but that did not slow him down! Reeves was happy to spend time with the kiddos there, and the kids were super excited to see her after such a long time.

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