After literally years of planning due to the pandemic, we have a national partner for the GlobalFingerprints program. Oh, happy day!

The GlobalFingerprints program is the child sponsorship ministry of ReachGlobal. We work directly with the national churches here in Panama to identify children who are at risk and vulnerable. Through sponsorships, the church is able to assist and help care for these children. GF helps children AND the local church.

One important factor in GF is to have a national partner. Back in 2019, we began moving to establish Pastor Moises in this position. And then COVID! But, praise the Lord, this finally happened 2 weeks ago. Pastor Moises and his wife have incredible hearts for children. They are selfless servants for Christ, and we know that we are blessed to call them friends.

Welcome home…

During church on Sunday, Pastor Moises welcomed back an older lady that had come to know the Lord years ago but had left the church. After many years away, this was her first Sunday to return. He made this announcement and welcomed her “home.” My eyes filled with tears as this lady smiled and wiped tears from her eyes.

After the service, Pastor Moises told us that the grandchildren of this lady had become part of the GF program. Soon after, the kids and their mother began attending the church. And now the grandmother had returned to the church! God is good!

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